Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Making nupps easier

I read this tip somewhere and it works nicely. If you are having a hard time doing the purl 5 together, you can do it this way:

Slip 2 stitches purlwise, purl 3 together, pass the slipped stitches over.

Amazingly it comes out the same. If your yarn isn't very stretchy this can be a lot easier.


kathryn said...

That is a super tip! I look forward to trying it when I start my second shawl.Thanks for the suggestion.

Kirsten said...

Great tip thanks. I'm planning on making another Swallowtail too, I will try it on the next one.

Marsha said...

I posted the same thing back in August. It's been pretty helpful to those having a hard 'nupp' time.