Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Question on the Lily of the Valley chart

I just started on the first "nupps" section. I sped through the beginning section and now I'm up to the first Lily of the Valley section with its nupps. I finished row 4 with all the p5tog just fine. I didn't use markers on the budding leaf section because they had to be moved so often and I could see the pattern so well. I used markers on this section to start, and now I'm confused. On row 4 the nupp moves one stitch to the right so it comes out over the YO from the previous RS row. That works out. Then I should have2 stitches left before the marker but I have 3. Does the marker move over one stitch to the right on every RS row?



Melisa said...

Not sure if the markers move, because I didn't use any. Just watch to make sure each nupp moves over one stitch past the previous one. If it does, you are on track. If not, you've got a mistake somewhere between that nupp and the last one.

Anita said...

Thanks. I forged ahead and it seems to be working out fine. I actually like nupps!