Thursday, November 30, 2006

Swift Swallowtail!

She was done in just over a weeks time :) and most of the knitting was probably concentrated in to one day and a couple of evenings.

I have been trying to figure out different ways to wear triangular shawls, and I have some suggestions listed on my site - I went on that quest because I love knitting lace, but never wear it - mostly because I have no idea how to LOL

More info on the Swallowtail can be found via my Blog - if you're not interested in reading about how to wear lace, just scroll to the bottom and follow the link to my finished objects blog.


this was such a great knit that i didn't want it to end. but i blocked it last night to complete it in time for lacevember. isn't it great how the metamorphosis takes place?



i use jaggerspun zephyr laceweight in ebony, with lots left over from the 2-oz ball. i bought 2 in case of a shortage because i had planned to increase to 19 repeats, but now it just means that i can make one for myself ^^

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Casted on!

Hello! I'm Margaux from Hoboken, NJ! I've just casted on for the Swallowtail. How did I not do this sooner, who knows... I'm slighty obsessed with Ms. Clark and her creations. This one is flying, so I can see how one could whip this out in 7 days. But I was curious, how many pattern repeats did everyone do for the Budding Lace... I'm coming up to my 14th repeat and feel like I want to put a few more in there but don't want to over power it?

I'm using Regia Silk for my shawl. Anyone else use this yarn?

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy is a lace project on blocking wires

Sorry for the photoless post - I just had to write in and say my Swallowtail is now happily blocking away and should be dry by the time I get home tonight :) Finished in just over a week lol - much faster than my first lace project...

a silly question perhaps, but you all should be in the know - just what are the various ways a triangular shawl can be worn? The only ways I can think of are:
- to drape it over both shoulders,
- wear it kinda like the model, though this does require that the shawl be scarf-sized or it gets to be a bit overwhelming
- wear it sarong-like around the hips (though I can't imagine wearing the swallowtail that way!)

Hoping for good light to get the finished swallowtail photo tomorrow!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Katie, great minds think alike! =)

Hey everybody!
I joined the KAL last week, and I am already finished with my Swallowtail.

I started it on Nov. 19th, and finished on the 26th. That's right 7 day's from start to finish.

Before I wrote this entry..I noticed Katie's post. My shawl is an exact replica of the one in IK as well. I did it on accident. I did not realize it until I was about 4 repeats in...

Just for fun, here it is before blocking..the transformation is amazing to see!

So here you go. I love it. It is my first ever finished lace project, and I am now an addict.
I want to do another one, but there are so many lace patterns out there calling to me!

Starting My Swallowtail Shawl

When I teach people to knit, they're always terribly disappointed when they go into a yarn store and find that yarn is on the expensive side: "I thought it would be cheaper to make things than to buy them". I sympathize, and try to point out that if they were to buy a well made item of clothing, from nice materials that it may well cost more (this Anthropologie cardigan is a case in point). I also try to point out that knitting is about more than this. I mean, if I desperately need something, I go out and buy it, I'm not going to sit down and knit it. For me knitting is about process. Still, occasionally, I come across a bargain, and when I do I find it hard not to get excited. When I saw Misti Alpaca Lace (the suggested yarn for the Swallowtail shawl featured in the Fall 2006 issue of Interweave Knits) in Windsor Button for a mere $7 a skein (you can find it online for similar prices), I knew I was onto something. I mean, how often is it that you buy a beautiful lace alpaca shawl for just $7?

I'm actually making a complete copy of the Swallowtail Shawl in the magazine. Not only is the yarn the same, but it's the same color, too (although the color in real life is very different from the color as printed in the magazine). I'm having a lot of fun knitting this. The first few repeats of the lace pattern were a little trying, but this is always the case for me. Now that I've got the pattern in my head and understand how it works the shawl is just zooming along.

I think I'll give this to my Dad's mother. It's been a while since I knit her something, and I think she uses the other shawls I've made for her. The Sea Mist color will look wonderful on her, too.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Despite the nupps...

Despite the effort of the nupps to drive me insane, I have finished my Swallowtail and am delighted with it.

In fact, I might even consider doing it again, though this time I would be prepared for the nupps and how to "cheat."

There are more details about the finished shawl on my blog.

This Knitalong was a great help, not only in dealing with the nupps but also in selecting the yarn. Thanks to all of you!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Weaving in the ends...

I posted earlier that my shawl was complete. But, what I don't have is knowing to weave in the strand at the beginning of the shawl and the one at the end.

Would some kind soul please post or email me (singularstitches AT hotmail DOT com how to do this. I didn't think there was any post that covered this, but if there is, can someone point me to it.

Thanks a bunch!! :o)

Love That Yarn!

Hi! I'm so glad there is a Knitalong for the Swallowtail Shawl. I can't wait to start. I'll be using Baby Cashmere from elann, an alpaca, merino, and cashmere blend fingering weight yarn, in the Peacock color. I hope to cast on within a week or two.

I was hoping that my first post would be an FO of my finished shawl but I've been having some trouble with the bind off. It seems so simple that I feel silly--but I've done it twice and had to frog both times. I've done: k2, return those stitches to the left needle and k2tog through the back loop, k1, over all the stitches until I've bound off down to 1 stitch. But I'm left with a straight edge, instead of a pointed one. I know that I'm reading the pattern wrong, but I can't seem to get it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don't want another trip to the frog pond on 300+ stitches.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Garter stitch "revision"

This is about the best picture I could get of the budding lace pattern in garter stitch. Should it stay or should it go? If I keep it I'll switch to st st when I get to the next chart. I'm leaning towards frogging and just starting over.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


AKA, STSIII, is blocking right this moment. 3 down, many more to go. *finds a wall to bang head on*

More details on my blog.


You're going to get a kick out of this one -
Ok, I took your kind suggestions to use a 'heavier than lace weight' yarn for my first project and I cast on with beautiful Weavers Wool Quarters (Ruby River colorway). So, I'm knitting quite happily along and making excellent progress, if I do say so myself, when I go back and take another look at the pattern. . . more closely than I had before, I guess. You know what? This shawl is in st st, not garter stitch . . . oops! And I was following the chart so well, counting my stitches, placing my markers; what a goof! If it had just said somewhere - THIS SHAWL IS KNIT IN ST ST - I would have automatically purled the wrong side rows, excepting the edge stitches. Oh jeez.
It doesn't look bad, just different. But what to do? Continue as is until the next chart, then switch to st st? Maybe run a lifeline and try a repeat in st st and see how it looks, then decide if frogging is worth it? Any sage advice?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hooray! I cast on!

I'm so excited. I finally finished all my other knitting "responsibilities" (I think) and I cast on for the Swallowtail!

I'm knitting fingering weight yarn on US7s. I like how the open bits look, but am still deciding what I think of the stockinette portions...course, I'm uh 5 repeats in or so at this point, so I may have my mind made up for me...I really don't want to have to rip back all that lace!

I'm sort of dreading the Nupps, having never Nupped before...but it sounds like there are a couple of options for the Nupping - I'll have to see how things go, course it may be a while yet as I've still got to decide if I'm going to stop at 14 pattern repeats or push onwards for the 19...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just completed the bind off!!!

Here it is! Will be doing some big time blocking tomorrow.

More details on my blog: Singular Stitches.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Yarn: Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca - ivory? natural?
Needles: Size 4 Inox 24" circulars

I had a few problems getting started with this pattern. I haven't knit much lace, and at the beginning I didn't know what it should look like. So, when I screwed something up, I would end up ripping back two or three rows... Once I got a rhythm though, it was smooth sailing, and a pretty quick knit.

I wasn't sure how this pattern would end up looking with a sport-weight yarn, but I love it. I like that it's not so big, and that the stitches are close... Altogether a successful project!

Monday, November 13, 2006


I took a few pics of my shawls' nupp-making.. A general reference in case anyone is having prob with theirs.

Hope that helped.

Delayed Start

*sigh* anyone else in the same boat I'm in?
I saw a friend's swallowtail and then decided I *had* to knit one for myself...
unfortunately (of course) I don't think I have appropriate yarn for it in my stash (tho now that I think about it...I just might have a good yarn for this project though it may drive me nuts since it has no stretch or bounce to it (bamboo)) - I have been toying with handspinning yarn for this project even though i know it will still wind up a tiny bit thick and thin - oy, the dilemmas...

In the meantime, I can't start on the project because of holiday knitting *wail*

I look forward to seeing everyone elses swallowtails growing though!


I just joined in the kal fun. This would be my first kal and im quite excited. Im also really excited at the idea of finishing my already started shawl. I had SUCH a hard time with this at first and finally got the first set of repeats figured out. I love looking at everyone's finished shawls. Its so motivating.
Is anyone using straight needles? I see everyones pics with circs.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Just thought I'd drop in and introduce myself!

The Swallowtail Shawl is my first ever lace shawl, and to be honest I'm surprised I've got this far without any major mistakes:

I'm using Jaggerspun Zephyr in Teal, which is a pleasure to work with. So far I'm on the 9th repeat of the Budding Lace 2 chart.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just say NO to nupps...

That is going to be my motto from now on. I started this shawl thinking that if I knit loosely enough, P5 tog wouldn't be a big deal. Was I ever wrong! I even bought new needles (Bryspun) because I new there wasn't a chance with the Addi Turbos I usually use. Fortunately, several people in the knitalong offered useful hints, and after trying several, I adopted the sl 2, P3 tog, pass slipped stitches over approach. I was really ready to throw in the towel (or the shawl, as the case may be).

I nearly considered frogging the whole thing before finding this workaround. Each nupp was a major effort and incredibly stressful. And knitting is supposed to be fun!

Thanks to all of you who offered alternative solutions. But I'd still like to know how anyone can do it the right way.

Can you describe how you do this stitch?


I just started my first swallowtail using Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in lilac using #4 needles. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do this stitch:

Sk2p, sl 1 knitwise, k2tog, psso

I get that you are supposed to decrease 2 stitches but I'm not sure about the first action: Sk2p.

Thanks for your help!!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Swallowtail #2 - increased size

This is my second Swallowtail Shawl. I think this is a wonderful pattern that I will knit again but not right away. I did make some changes to the pattern to increase the size of the pattern. For the "Budding Lace 2" chart section, I knitted 19 repeats instead of 14 repeats. This worked out perfectly for me. Here are some details;

Yarn: Regia Silk in Burgundy (55% Merino, 20% Silk, 25% Polymid) 220 yards; 3 skeins and 1/4 of a fourth skein
Needles: Denise Interchangeable, US size 6
Finished size after blocking: 39" depth, 79" width

I have more pictures on my blog

Sunday, November 05, 2006

2 down, ? to go

Swallowtail #2 is blocked and ready to go. It's funny but I had the same problem on row 3 of the first Lily of the Valley chart as before. For some bizarre reason it takes me at least 3 tries to get it right and then it's smooth sailing.

Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr in Ebony
Needles: 4 US Clover Bamboo Circular
Blocked to 49" width, 22" depth

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hi all!

I finished my Swallowtail and I love it! Too bad it isn't for me (it's a Christmas gift).

I have really enjoyed reading all of your comments; and the advice has been especially helpful. I can't wait to see more of your shawls! This was a fun knit, mine didn't come out perfectly; but, it came out pretty well for my first lace project. There is more verbage about my experience knitting this shawl on my blog.

I will probably knit this shawl again at some point, I had a lot of fun knitting it, including the nupps!

Flickr Group

If you have a flickr account do join in this group

Started this, so that we can have a collective of all the Swallowtails.
FOs and WIPs both welcome!

Zephyr for Swallowtail?

I am ready to start my Swallowtail and hoped to use the same Zephyr that I used for Scheherazade (Mystery Stole 2). But if I've done the arithmetic correctly, Zephyr is finer than the Misti Alpaca called for in the pattern. The Swallowtail is small-ish to begin with... If I use Zephyr, will it come out even smaller than the dimensions given in the pattern? If any of you have used Zephyr, what size needles did you use?