Saturday, February 24, 2007

Christmas Swallowtail (a little late...)

I finished my swallowtail for grandma, which was supposed to be her christmas present! oops. i hope she'll like it anyway.
excuse the indoor shot; it's pouring rain here.

i used knitpicks alpaca cloud and knitpicks options circs. they were both lovely to work with. even though it took awhile, i loved this pattern and i'll probably make another. more details and a blocking shot on my blog.

happy knitting!


Katie said...

Beautiful! I'm sure your grandmother will love it.

Anne said...

LOL, my husband just send his little sister her Christmas gift. You two must be using the same calendar. The shawl is beautiful.

Knitting Morgana said...

Beautiful. It makes me want to (ahem) start mine.