Friday, May 11, 2007

MMM Yummy Yellow

Hi all you lovely knitters! Your shawls are ALL beautiful!

I got the pattern from my LYS and some fabulous yellow yarn. I can't wait to start.

Last night I tried to cast on and was totally stumped.I'm a slow learner,so I will need lots of help, I just know it!

How do you decide what size needles to use? I see some of you have used really large needles and your shawls are soooooo pretty. Anyway love it , love it, love it !!!


LittleBerry said...

Hi, Lace is subjective in that depending upon how you like your lace to look depends if you use bigger or smaller needles. Personally I don't like mine too holey. Now my yarn is similar in weight to the stated yarn so I have used the stated needle size. However, if your yarn isn't the same wight to get the same effect you'll need to change your needle size or experiment until you like the look. I work out how many metres per gram the yarn is and then compare to the pattern to see if it's similar before I start... HTH

blåggdama said...

Liked your yarn :)

Have you seen this lesson in casting on?
Good luck!

honeybee33 said...

GORGEOUS yarn! It's so hard to find really pretty yellows - I must know what it is and where you got it!!!

~ hb33 ~