Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I love this pattern!

I have knitted a few lace projects, not many, but I did find that this was the easiest one so far. I had bought this yarn in the scarlet so that I could do another lace project but wanted something a bit easier than Trellis from IK Spring or Summer 2006 (I forget which one). When I got the new IK the Swallowtail just jumped off the pages at me. I KNEW I had to try this one.
It had a CO that I'd not yet tried either but had no real problem with it. I did start this shawl over maybe 3 or 4 times just to get it the way I wanted and used bamboo circular needles. I went up a size by using '5' because I felt the yarn called for it. *Correction, I went back and checked and found out I actually used a size 4 needle on this project. Sorry for the confusion.
I did the body with no problems but knew there were 'nupps' ahead. I actually tried working a row or two with the nupps but actually just didn't like the way they looked in the cotton. So yes, I went 'nuppless'. But actually if you aren't familar with the pattern itself, you can't tell something has been left out and I got the idea from Polly. I know I will have to find the right yarn when I go back to Trellis so I can do the nupps on that because a gal shouldn't go nuppless her whole life right?
Anyway, I finished it up and was quite pleased with the outcome. I love the texture of the cotton and ofcourse, that gorgeous scarlet. I kept the size close to the pattern and more like a scarf than a shawl. I simple did the shawl because it was something I wanted to do. When I brought it in to work for friends to see they had a fit over it and one has offered to buy it. I made her try it on the day I brought it in because she had a black jacket on. It looked GORGEOUS on her, and she knew she had to have it. It's almost as if I had made it just for her and I think somewhere in the back of my head I was thinking of her as I worked.
I would absolutely do this shawl again! I started this at the end of July, but was working 'several' other things at the same time. But it really didn't take me that long at all to get it done once I was dedicated to this only.


Christine said...

Gorgeous and so inspiring! I love seeing all the finished shawls around the net. It gives me encouragement to keep on with mine!

Beverly said...

Love the color. I'd like to join the KAL. I finished this weekend, but it's not the only one on my list. bkallima@bellsouth.net

Lois said...

thanks for sharing your story of with us. I have the same yarn in the same shade in my stash, but never occur to me to use it for a shawl. thanks again!

CanarySanctuary said...

That is a beautiful shawl! Thanks so much for sharing. I love the colour too, and the pics are great :)

Ronna said...

I also have some Elann's Pharao in the Evergreen color. You said you used #5 ndls . How many balls did it take? Your shawl is really beautiful.