Thursday, August 31, 2006

To Answer a Question

Ronna said...
I also have some Elann's Pharao in the Evergreen color. You said you used #5 ndls . How many balls did it take? Your shawl is really beautiful.

Thanks Ronna - I did a double check and found that I've actually used a size 4 needle. Sorry everyone for the error, my head must have been in another project. The Pharao was really easy to work with and with the alternate nupp option that mentioned below you might even be able to include the nupps. I used a little less than three skeins - probably more like 2 1/2 (give or take)....but that's without the nupps. 3 should be fine if you do include them. If I remember correctly, there's 196 yrds in each skein.

Good Luck and enjoy the lace!! I can't wait to see your progress.


Ronna said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question about how many balls to use for the shawl. I have more than enough (5) to do the project.

Ronna said...

Hi Marsha,
I had one ball extra of a different color of the Pharao so I thought I would give the pattern a trial run. What I found was because cotton has no give to it the nupps were very tight and difficult. So after several tries... I decided to use a '3 stitch" nupp, instead of the 5 stitches. Thanks for your ideas and hints.

Marsha said...

Yes, I had trouble with the cotton nupps too. Not much give in the yarn at all. Doing the 3 stitch should give you the hint of nupp instead of my choice of nuppless. Good luck and keep us posted!