Saturday, September 02, 2006

Secret swallowtail

I started my Swallowtail last night. It's going to be a birthday present for my aunt who reads my regular blog, so I can only blog about it here! She does know I'll be knitting something for her though, because she has helped me pick out some colors she likes, one petrol and one cyclamen. I started last night using the petrol coloured fingering weight alpaca, and managed six repeats before I read an e-mail from her that said if I planned to knit her something to wear with her winter coat she would prefer it to be the cyclamen colour. So I frogged, and started again, and have finished the first six repeats again. The cyclamen yarn is a Danish 2-ply fingering weight merino called Duo.

Edited to answer a question about the yarn: Duo is a yarn from the Danish company Design Club DK. The yardage is 510 meters/100 g. There is a merino-silk blend available too. Duo is available online from a number of Danish webshops, as well as the Norwegian site Pinnsvindesign. I know that Pinnsvindesign takes international orders, and parts of their site is translated into English.

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Lois said...

interesting yarn u have there. is it available online?