Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hi shawl knitters

Hi, I just joined to knit the shawl with you.

I have already started it and I chose Multi Kido yarn (71% Mohair, 29% Polyamid, 25 g / 240 m). I have three balls of that yarn and by now I have used only 11 grams from the first ball (12th figure from the first pattern on the needles). I have been wondering if the shawl could be done any bigger by making more of the first pattern. I just don't know what would be the correct stitch amount when the next patterns could stil be done without any mistakes. I hope I could write this on understandable way while my English isn't so clear (I'm Finnish). Have you ever noticed this shawl in different size than in the magazine is shown.


Lois said...

i used a 4 ply weight yarn, and it turned out just nice whihc i can tie a knot on front.

I would love to a mohair version of this shawl. Welcome on board.

Jeri said...

I plan to do 19 repeats of the bud chart instead of the 14. I'll be posting the calculations to my blog.