Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Swallowtail So Far

Thanks Lois for inviting me. Here's a picture:
This is my first shawl. I'm a fairly new lace knitter, and I love it. I'm almost to the next section, and I can't wait to experience nupps! (I hear groans)
Yarn: Morehouse Merino Laceweight, in coral
Needles: Addi Lace Size 4

More shots at


Violet said...

don't fear the nupps! i actually thought they were fun! -- hope i don't get thrown out of the KAL now ;)

annmarie said...

Looking very good! I'm two repeats away from starting the Lily of the Valley section myself and am also looking forward to the nupps! :) For some reason, when I hit the 7th repeat I kept making mistakes and having to rip back, but it's been going smoothly since.

michelle said...

I'm in the middle of my third one of these. The nupps are not bad, but as a usually very tight knitter, I have to change my mindset completely when it comes to the them. The secret for me is to make the nupp loops almost twice as big as my regular stitch. Also, make sure your needles have pointy tips.

Katie said...

It looks great, and I love the color you've chosen. I'd echo everyone else: don't fear the nupps! They are a little tricky, but certainly not impossible. :-)O