Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just getting started

Here's the beginning of my shawl. One chart in to Chart 2. It's been a while since I've knitted lace and I've already made a few mistakes. I'd forgotten that it always takes me a few tries before I get the pattern and repetitions into my brain.

The yarn is a silk wool from Rovings. The needles are Bryspun size 8's. I've never used them before, but the teacher in the knitting store recommended them as a good combination of the slippery cord from the metal circulars and a not-so-slippery needle point from the bamboo circulars. I'm liking them, so far. The needles are just resistant enough to keep the silk from sliding all over the place. And the cord doesn't kink up the way my bamboo circulars kept doing.

Thanks for the help with choosing a needle size. The teacher suggested size 10 or 11; she likes a very open lace. So I met in the middle between her recommendation and the advice I got from other bloggers and went with an 8.

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