Thursday, October 26, 2006

Second Swallowtail - Fire

Apparently I'm not the only one who loves this shawl enough to do it more than once. *nods to Abby*

Presenting.. My 2nd Swallowtail Shawl, hot off the blocking wires.

Spread out.

Folded together with Rosy, my first Swallowtail.
The initial plan is to knit Swallowtail Shawls for my good friends. I'm having 2nd and 3rd thoughts about that. What do you suggest? Go on with the idea (and make a total of 6 swallowtail shawls), modify the idea (make 3 shawls and do something else for the other 3 ppl) or scrape the idea totally? Advice will be most appreciated! Thanks in advance. =)


lizaknit said...

lovely! what yarn and needles did you use?

costumechick said...

hmm. 6 is a lot. If you are knitting them for the Holidays, you could feel overburdended and bored. I'd knit a variety of similar shawls, just for variation. bUt, having said that, I really like this pattern, so if I could spead them out between other projects, I'd knit them all the same.
I am no help what so ever.
what ever you decide, I'm sure they will love them!

Marsha said...

If you want to do something else, try the Shetland Shawl. It's a pretty easy knit and just as lovely.

Kessa said...

Liz: Thnx. I used HPY's Bergamota and 3.5mm needles. =)

CostumeChick: Thats exactly what thats been going on and on in my head. Decisions, decisions. *hmph* lol

Marsha: Yea, shetland shawl is lovely... Good idea. Maybe I can knit some in shetland shawl and some in swallowtail. Hmm.. Thnx~ ;)

Beverly said...

I'm almost finished #2 and have wound the yarn for #3, but after having second thoughts I'm making the Flower Basket Shawl to break the monotony. I plannng to knit about 5 of these for women that I know who have or have had breast cancer.

If anyone knows of other good patterns that make mini shawls, please let me know.

Marsha said...

Beverly, there's another shawl in the 'Scarf Style' book. I can't think of the pattern name right this minute, but it's the only shawl in the book. I think it's another by Evelyn.