Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A sort of Swallowtail

Yarn: Mountain Colors Weavers Wool, it's 3-ply and about a dk weight, 1 skein
Color: Ruby River
Notes on yarn: purchased, already wound, on ebay. I had one knot and a whole section in which a ply was broken. Not happy about that, especially since it wasn't mentioned by the seller. Bigones, it was gorgeous.
I had to alter the pattern a bit due to the yarn. It became abundantly clear about halfway through the second nupp chart that I would not have enough yarn...by a LONG SHOT. So, I ripped back to the budding lace and figured -after a bit of calculating - that I could go straight from there at 199 stitches or so, to the final chart. It didn't work quite like I thought it would (there were a few more stitches around the center then I thought there should be, but I just worked them in st st and kept it symetrical). I had to cut two rows from the final chart, too. It was about 43x23 blocking, but I think it pulled in a smidge after I unpinned it. I wore it to work the next day and received many compliments and a few requests. Not bad for my first lace project.

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Katie said...

Beautiful! I love your choice of yarn.