Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Casted on!

Hello! I'm Margaux from Hoboken, NJ! I've just casted on for the Swallowtail. How did I not do this sooner, who knows... I'm slighty obsessed with Ms. Clark and her creations. This one is flying, so I can see how one could whip this out in 7 days. But I was curious, how many pattern repeats did everyone do for the Budding Lace... I'm coming up to my 14th repeat and feel like I want to put a few more in there but don't want to over power it?

I'm using Regia Silk for my shawl. Anyone else use this yarn?

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Stephanie said...

I didn't use the Regia Silk, but I did mine out of Regia Bamboo - I stopped at 14, and I'm glad I did - if I had carried onto 19 I think the shawl would be gigantic! But then you don't mention what size needles you're knitting on...