Tuesday, November 21, 2006


You're going to get a kick out of this one -
Ok, I took your kind suggestions to use a 'heavier than lace weight' yarn for my first project and I cast on with beautiful Weavers Wool Quarters (Ruby River colorway). So, I'm knitting quite happily along and making excellent progress, if I do say so myself, when I go back and take another look at the pattern. . . more closely than I had before, I guess. You know what? This shawl is in st st, not garter stitch . . . oops! And I was following the chart so well, counting my stitches, placing my markers; what a goof! If it had just said somewhere - THIS SHAWL IS KNIT IN ST ST - I would have automatically purled the wrong side rows, excepting the edge stitches. Oh jeez.
It doesn't look bad, just different. But what to do? Continue as is until the next chart, then switch to st st? Maybe run a lifeline and try a repeat in st st and see how it looks, then decide if frogging is worth it? Any sage advice?


Lara said...

Can you post a picture ? Ultimately it's going to be all aout how YOU feel about the pattern "variation", but you'l also want to consider what you'll do for the next chart - the lily of the valley may not look as good in garter stitch.

But a picture will help galvanise opinion ;)

rachface said...

Yes, yes! Post a photo! And ultimately, it really is up to you :)

Mary said...

See the post for Nov. 24. She did the same thing. Check out the comments for other ideas. In a lace weight you might like the results, garter stitch for the body and st. st. for the border patterns, in a somewhat heavier yarn -- hmmm. You could put most of the stitches on a holder, knit a few rows of the border as written. If you like it, you only have to frog a few partial rows. If you don't, you can begin again.