Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Zephyr for Swallowtail?

I am ready to start my Swallowtail and hoped to use the same Zephyr that I used for Scheherazade (Mystery Stole 2). But if I've done the arithmetic correctly, Zephyr is finer than the Misti Alpaca called for in the pattern. The Swallowtail is small-ish to begin with... If I use Zephyr, will it come out even smaller than the dimensions given in the pattern? If any of you have used Zephyr, what size needles did you use?


stephanie said...

Hi, I would like to join the SWALLOWTAIL KAL as I am just starting one in Zephyr as well using US 5 needles.
My e-mail is


Christy J said...

I am doing a Swallowtail in Zephyr. I realized the yarn was quite a bit finer so I stopped down to a 3.25 mm needle. I know it will be smaller, but don't really mind if it's more of a scarf. I'm just on the Lily of the Valley border (darn nupps) and don't know what size it will actually block to when finished.

Christy J said...

P.S. I would like to join the group so I can post my shawl when finished.
email is