Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy is a lace project on blocking wires

Sorry for the photoless post - I just had to write in and say my Swallowtail is now happily blocking away and should be dry by the time I get home tonight :) Finished in just over a week lol - much faster than my first lace project...

a silly question perhaps, but you all should be in the know - just what are the various ways a triangular shawl can be worn? The only ways I can think of are:
- to drape it over both shoulders,
- wear it kinda like the model, though this does require that the shawl be scarf-sized or it gets to be a bit overwhelming
- wear it sarong-like around the hips (though I can't imagine wearing the swallowtail that way!)

Hoping for good light to get the finished swallowtail photo tomorrow!

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