Monday, November 27, 2006

Katie, great minds think alike! =)

Hey everybody!
I joined the KAL last week, and I am already finished with my Swallowtail.

I started it on Nov. 19th, and finished on the 26th. That's right 7 day's from start to finish.

Before I wrote this entry..I noticed Katie's post. My shawl is an exact replica of the one in IK as well. I did it on accident. I did not realize it until I was about 4 repeats in...

Just for fun, here it is before blocking..the transformation is amazing to see!

So here you go. I love it. It is my first ever finished lace project, and I am now an addict.
I want to do another one, but there are so many lace patterns out there calling to me!

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Katie said...

I didn't mean to make an exact replica, either. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I'd bought the same color as used in the magazine. Your swallowtail looks great! Here's hoping mine works out as well.