Sunday, December 10, 2006

14 "rows" and what do i get?

both closer to my goal of a completed swallowtail by THIS Wednesday evening and an addiction. this evening i finally finished the repeats of the budding lace 2 chart. it's now 1am my time and i just knit 2.5 rows of the lily of the valley 1. i'm forcing myself to post this and then go off to sleep. i wish i had time to knit in the morning before leaving for work.

i was originally going to title this post ode to a lifeline. i haven't had to use them much (yay!!) but it's so reassuring knowing that they are there for me. :)

i'm also amazed that i have actually knit all of this. this is my first lace. this is also my first really big project; i've just been knitting socks and gloves and felted bags. it's for my MIL and i have a massive deadline to finish it (not to mention work and other obligations). [and then i get to knit #2 for my mum] i'm amazed to watch it grow from


i really look forward to finishing and then blocking and watching the magic!

all details (and larger images) can be found somewhere at

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