Saturday, December 02, 2006

Swallowtail in Nuppland

Just entering Nuppland, and it's been a long time since I posted. How in the world are you guys getting this done in a week?

Anyway, here we are. Very happy still with Rovings silk and wool blend. Happy with Budding lace. Not too happy with the beginning of the Lily Chart 1, as I was halfway through Row 3 before I realized that I'd missed the K2tog at the very beginning of the row.

I'd appreciate any help out there from those of you who've finished or reached the first Lily border.
Should I be trying to make the yarnover and knits as loose as possible so that the P5tog is easier to work?

And on odd rows, how do the yarnovers on either side of the nupps factor into the stitch count on either side of the P5tog? For example, in the repeat at the beginning of row 4, will I be counting six purl stitches, then P5tog, then 3 more purls -- or -- purl five stitches, P5tog, purl 2 stitches?

The Bulls are playing the Wizards, so a few minutes to blog, then basketball and Swallowtail.
Update: Nupps are much trickier than I'd anticipated and don't mix well with watching a basketball game.


LizW said...

I sympathize, Janet, having just gotten out of nuppland today, finally. I am making the Swallowtail larger than written, so there were many, many nupps!

Yes, definitely DO make the nupp set-ups as loosely as you possibly can. It will seem ridiculous, but somehow they tighten up before you turn back to do the p5togs. It took me about three nupp rows before I finally got the hang of just how loose they had to be. That 5th stitch of the p5tog (the one on the far left) was still a pain in the behind to get through.

I found that once I had the right-hand needle point through all 5 stitches, it helped if I pushed the stitches up to the fatter part of the needle for a second to "stretch" them out a little.

Nupps, imo, are a pain, but worth it in the end.

Laura said...

I am also just about to enter Nuppland and am very scared. Just waiting for a half-hour to myself where I can properly focus on it!

Lara said...

Do yourself a favour, and try "cheaters nupps". Just slip the first two stiches, purl three together, then pass the slipped stitches over. The result is exactly the same, minus the frustration and colourful language.

I am on Swallowtail number htree, and I wish I had discovered this secret on number one, but glad I found this knitalong before I got to the nupps on number two. Number three is a dream :)

JANET said...

thanks for all the help! I'm about to dive back in and, knowing I made a mistake somewhere last night, should really try to focus this time--