Saturday, December 30, 2006

I haven't started yet

The first thing I did was sign up here because I couldn't wait. Then, I received my IW Knits mag, rather late because I had recently subscribed and, they said, the first issue takes quite some time to arrive (it is faster for the next ones). Now I am wondering what yarn I should use - the one recommended at Knits or something else? I look at your photos and love all your shawls and your yarns. I may still shop around the net a bit more; I have to buy on line as there is hardly anything to choose from around here. In the meantime, I will finish some other projects. Happy knitting in 2007.


JANET said...

my recommendation is something in a DK weight on a size 8 or 9 needle, like a Debbie Bliss silk alpaca. Knitting goes relatively fast, and the end result is warm enough and has enough weight to drape nicely.

Knitting Morgana said...

Thank you, Janet. I may do that. I've just had a look at DB Alpaca Silk and it is really appealing.